On Gratitude...

This Sunday did not go as planned.

My 13 year old went for a bike ride, a stick got caught in his front tire and he flipped over his handle bars. He landed on his left arm. It was a clean radial break. As I backed out my driveway to go get him in a panic, I ripped off my driver’s side mirror. (If you know me you are not surprised in the least). I was so scared. 6 hours at the ER, 2 months in a cast. And you know what? I am so incredibly grateful. Why? Because he was wearing a helmet and he didn’t hit his head. Because we have health insurance. Because a year ago a dear friend had a similar accident and was not so fortunate. It’s all how you look at things. 100 % GRATEFUL. He’s alive and he’s happily watching the Simpsons today.

Here’s my question for you. What are you grateful for today?

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