How To Start Figuring Out Your Niche

"How do I even begin to start figuring out my Niche and know if it is the right one?"

This is a question I got the other day from a client. I hear it often from clients all the time.

Maybe you have this question too.

One day YOU WILL have clarity and know the answer to what your perfect Niche really is.

I wanted to give you the first step in the process. This is the first step inside my course, DIAL YOUR NICHE IN 5 HOURS.

By the way, it's kind of a big deal I am sharing this since you aren't in the course just yet, but I know it will help you so I can't hold back.

The first step in the process of getting true clarity around your Niche is to:

Take stock of where you are and where want to be.

Where are you? What has gotten you to this point in your life?

Now reflect on where are you going. What is the future you doing? What type of people are they helping and what results are they creating?

You are beginning to dial in on some ideas around what your Niche is. Because your Niche will come from your past and future combined.

If you are ready to dig into this more and have an expert show you exactly how this process works, then I invite you to join me inside the course, DIAL YOUR NICHE IN 5 HOURS where you will figure it exactly who you serve, how, and why. Use the link in my bio to sign up today.

See you inside.

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