Niche Drama is NOT...

Niche Drama is about not making a decision.

Niche Drama is not about second-guessing yourself.

Deep down you already have the answers.

You need to pick a Niche you love and that is a perfect fit for you.

Part of that process is committing firmly to coaching in an area that is your zone of genius.

Even if you don’t recognize it as such.

You need to decide firmly yes or no but to get there you need the skill set of knowing how to choose.

Come work with me and I will help you get this figured out.

In my signature program, DIAL YOUR NICHE IN 5 HOURS, I will give you the exact tools and skills you need to get clear and pick the perfect niche for you based on who you are, what your experiences and skills are, and what you love to do.

Stop waiting to get out of Niche drama. I promise you won't regret it.

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