On putting off decisions....

I Iove this photo. It’s from about nine years ago. This little one right here is going to be 10 years old soon. Time passes so quickly. Nine years. I reflect on all that has happened during that period. So much, and so little all at once.

I am the queen of putting decisions off, but seeing this photo reminds me that our time here is so finite and that sitting around “waiting to decide“ is not a good use of my time (it's akin to sitting around chewing on your sleeve-but this guy sure is cute while he is doing it!) It makes me think about all the things I decided to “wait and think about“ and in doing so made no decision at all.

Waiting and thinking about things is in fact a decision in itself, and really what are we doing then? Not taking any action.

It's really a very sneaky way to procrastinate. We’re deciding to not decide. And we don't even realize it.

So here’s some questions for you: Where will you be in nine years?

How much time will you have spent in the "waiting to think about it" place?

What things are you "waiting and thinking about it" instead of making a clear cut decision and moving forward with that.

Make a decision that you have been putting off (just a firm yes or no on something) and move forward. Try it out.

And a call to action: If that decision relates to your Niche sign up for a Niche Drama Audit here: I can totally help you out.

Have a great week.

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