On Staying in your hula hoop....

As both a psychotherapist and a life coach, I have spent more than half my life time observing people's brains. You know what gets us in the most trouble? Operating outside of our hula hoop.

Let me explain: we spend a good portion of our time, thinking about how others should believe, think, behave, and be something other than how they are showing up. Our kids, our spouses, our friends, our family members, the guy in the pickup truck in front of us. We even argue about how the past and the future should be.

The problem with that? Well, those are all items outside of our hula hoop, and ultimately even though it's often appropriate to have feelings about those things (I mean we all do right?) the reality is trying to change things outside of's kind of like arguing with the weather. Actually, it is exactly LIKE arguing with the weather!

The alternative, staying inside our hoola hoop and focusing on what we are in control of: Our Thoughts, Our Feelings, Our Actions, and the Results we can create. So here is my question for you this week--- what if your brain could only focus on changing those things, and the rest the weather....It just was? What would your life be like then?

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