On thinking things over.

Often when making a decision, we say "let me think it over". And then we step way, think, and weigh our options. The problem is that often we get stuck in the thinking things over stage, and we spin there. The important part of making a decision is not thinking about it, but more importantly with deciding. Putting off and waiting on decisions, and spending more and more time contemplating what to do will not move you forward. We tend to overthink things, get stuck in process of weighing our options, and then just deciding not to make an actual decision. It's a way of procrastinating if you think about it. If there is one piece of advice for Life Coaches stuck in Niche Drama, it would be to not over think things. (HA! Not what you were really expecting right? ). I also think you should give yourself a time frame by which you will decide and commit to making a choice.

Think about how much time you spend in weighing decisions. That's actually time you could be taking ACTION. And let me tell you: ACTION always out wins THINKING. You need both, but if you trend too heavily in one area, the other suffers. Thinking and Action, Action and Thinking. You need both. It's an absolute balancing act.

Have a great week SWEET PEEPS.

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