Over thinking will keep you stuck in INACTION. Here's what to do about it.

Do you ever get over think things. Oh I ever. And when that happens, my brain spins and spins. I obsess over getting it right, and weigh my options, and on and on and on it goes. I know it's not a good use of my time. I KNOW IT! And yet there my brain is, thinking and thinking and thinking.

The problem with overthinking is the following: you get stuck in INACTION. Your brain loops, and loops, loops and never moves forward to try something. Doing something (ACTION) and needing to course correct later, always outweighs overthinking. Over thinking and taking no action.

Overthinking also keeps us safe in a way. Because by not taking action we don't have to risk trying something new and failing, which our brain perceives as a really horrible thing.

So here's my question for you today. What if the solution to overthinking is to JUST TAKE SOME ACTION, and then reassess? What if whatever action you picked was the right one. You might be uncomfortable, but you would move closer to the goal. But overthinking, just keeps you stuck and safe. What if the flower below got stuck in overthinking the process of blooming? "I might do it wrong" "What's the right way to bloom?" "What if I bloom WRONG, all the other flowers are going to judge me as a failure."

Go out there and be like the petal at a time.

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