The I don't wanna phenomena

Are there mornings when you wake up and think I just don't wanna? Even as a psychotherapist and life coach, I find this happens so often for me. I will wake up in the morning, after 25 years of being a therapist and 8 years of being a life coach, I look at my calendar that day, and think, I don't wanna see anyone. I wanna lay in bed, I want to cancel everything and watch Netflix, and certainly I don't want to get up and do my 30 minute bike ride.

But my brain has been defaulting to this for so long now (4 plus decades), and I know that once my day is started, once I get going I'll be glad that I didn't succumb to the I don't wannas, Without fail, when I start seeing my clients and doing my thing I will be excited and pumped so see my people and help them out. My morning brain is a very poor predictor of how the day will actually go.

There was a children's book my mom read to me when I was a kid. It was called Pig will and Pig won't, by Richard Scary. It's about about two characters, one is always agreable to what is being asked of him (Pig "Yes I will") and one who always refuses (Pig "No I won't). I imagine my brain toggling between the two and decide who to listen to. It isn't always easy, but the day always goes more smoothly if I don't pay too much attention to Pig won't. Eventually he turns into "Pig ME TOO!!!"

You can check the book out here, if you aren't farmiliar with it:

How do you handle your "I don't wannas"?

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