They Don't Teach You This

Selecting a niche is a skill that we need to learn.

It’s not something we just automatically know. These skills are not something they teach in life coach training, nor are they taught in business training for life coaches.

There are lots of training out there about how to land your first client, how to market yourself as a life coach, how to run Facebook ads, the list goes on.

Noticeably absent are the skills that you need to confidently pick a niche that will work for you and that fits with YOUR skills, your experience, and your zone of genius.

This is why so many coaches stay stuck and never get started in their business. It's not their fault.

They don’t have the tools they need to choose a niche that is a perfect niche for them.

In my training, Dial Your Niche in 5 Hours, we will give you the exact tools and skills you need to get clear and pick the perfect niche for you based on who you are, what your experiences and skills are, and what you love to do.

Dial Your Niche in 5 Hours is the one program that will help you get out of your Niche Drama in less than a day so you can start making money. Get on the waitlist here to save 50% when it launches!

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