When wonderful things make you miserable, and WHY

Some wonderful things happened last week, but for some reason I was feeling REALLY miserable instead of joyful. So strange. I should have been ecstatic, instead all I wanted to do was cry. All I could focus on were the things I had done wrong and that I wasn't doing, instead of celebrating these two huge wins.

I was so annoyed with myself about the things that had not gotten done, that I relegated myself to get one of the dreaded tasks done; cleaning my office. In the process I came across a mailing box that I had not fully unpacked. In it, a book someone had recommended I read. "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks.

I put it by my bedside, then later that evening started reading it. Primary premise of the book? That we have limited tolerance for feeling good. And when we a certain level of great things happening, we come up with thoughts that make us feel bad. I just about dropped the book. Then I spent the rest of the next day, reading and listening to it. This may be the key to EVERYTHING.


You're welcome.

Inspiration can hit at the strangest of times.

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