When you think things are hard and they really aren't

Funny story to share. I was working on getting my business instagram handle changed. I had picked out the new one, reserved it and could not for the life of me figure out how to switch the current account name to the new one.

I tried and tried, I googled, I cried (almost), and I was ready to pull my hair out. I told myself I had completely messed things up, and that there was no solution. It kept me up at night for several days. I told myself I was doomed to fail, this was a sign, nothing was ever going to work out with my business. Just so ready to throw in the towel.

Then I called my dear friend who is a social media GENIUS who is going to help me with my social media once I get myself up and running. She was on another call, and I asked HER if she knew how to do fix it. She had the two second solution, and it was such an easy fix. Literally it took me 15 seconds.

In hindsight it's pretty funny. But at the time before I asked for help, I was in full out brain drama. And those are not hours I can get back. I was completely wrong about it being a difficult solution to fix, but it certainly did not feel that way for all the time I was worrying about this.

So here is my question for you. What if that thing you thought was SO HARD, wasn't and in fact it was SUPER EASY, but you needed to ask for help to get the answer? What would you do? How would you approach it.

Have a great day sweet people!

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