Your Brain Doesn't Want You to Pick A Niche

Did you know that your Brain doesn't want you to pick a Niche?

Let me explain. Indecision/Overwhelm is actually your brain's way of keeping you safe.

What if... I sent you a PDF with your Perfect Niche, specifically designed and tailored just for you. You would initially be ELATED, but then you know what would happen next? You would FREAK OUT (and not in a good way).

Why? Because then you would have to go out and create a program, make offers, and get clients, and all those things are CRAZY uncomfortable. Not having a Niche is a really great way for your brain from not actively taking action, because it perceives taking new actions as DANGER. You see, your brain's job is to keep you safe. Spinning in Niche Drama and Confusion is actually a really NORMAL, expected way for your brain to keep you safe. Your Niche is the first hurdle you need to get over to start your business. But once you get over it, then there are more hurdles, and your brain freaks out again.

So what to do about this quandary?

(Try this exercise below)

1) Say "Thank you Brain" I know your job is to keep me safe

2) Stop beating yourself for the fact that this is happening (did you know it's the #1 problem Life Coaches encounter?)

3) Breathe

4) Set a timer for 5 minutes. Make a list of 5 Niches that you "might consider", because you know something about them OR because you want to do a deep dive into learning about them OR because they were on the my current Freebie list of 75 most profitable Niches and they just sound cool. (Here is the link if you haven't grabbed that yet).

5) Breathe

6) Imagine for a second that YOU WILL BE WILDLY SUCCESSFUL with all of these Niches (100K or more). Now pick your favorite one.

7) Watch what happens to your brain.

8) BONUS POINTS: Reply to this email with "NICHE EXERCISE" in the subject line and one sentence of what your Niche choice was, and one sentence of what happened to your brain. Email your answer to and I will take a look and send you a quick reply with some feedback.


My January group program is completely full!

My new 1:1 Program for 2021 launches soon.

It involves getting not only your NICHE dialed, but also your OFFER, your PROGRAM and your ELEVATOR PITCH done.

Keep an eye out for the email.

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