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Your Niche As A Treasure Hunt

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What if you viewed choosing your Niche, not as a chore or something scary, but rather as an exciting TREASURE HUNT.

Something fun and exciting. Think about it, once you figured out all the clues you would win a big prize. Doesn't this sound a lot more fun and less stressful than how you have most likely been thinking about your Niche?

Often we approach choosing our niche as something scary, overwhelming, or absolutely difficult and dreadful. But approaching your Niche from a place of fear and scarcity, and from a place of black and white thinking will never help you find your treasure.

Listen to today's episode if you are ready to change your Niche journey from one of dread to one of fun and excitement. Learn how you can approach your Niche decision as you would a treasure hunt. Let's get excited!

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