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Ready to End 

Your Niche Drama?

I help Life Coaches find their PERFECT NICHE.
Then they can




Hey there you!!!

Want to end your NICHE CONFUSION and have a coaching business you LOVE?

I get it and I can help. 

I became a life coach in 2012 with a plan to switch careers (I was a Psychotherapist in private practice)


But, I got sidetracked because I couldn't choose a NICHE.

 6 years (50,000 hours) of hanging out with confusion and doubt. 

It needed to stop. 

 So I leveraged what I knew,

and created the answer. 

FOUND the solution. 

You can have NICHE CLARITY and get dialed into your Perfect Niche!


Let's create your Perfect Niche, 

without the years of wasted time.


Estelle Winsett,

Styling Coach

Veronique has the unique ability to take all of the jumbled ideas in your head and help you distill it into a succinct, streamlined Niche and elevator pitch.   As a business owner, you need her in your corner. It will save you so much time and heartache. She’s the best business coach I’ve ever had.


Tracey Emerson,

Life Coach

Veronique allows you to be yourself and say whatever needs to be said. She never judges and always makes you feel safe.  She is brilliant at helping you navigate your thoughts to get the results you want.

More importantly she has the uncanny ability to recognize qualities in yourself that you never knew you had. If you're struggling to figure out your niche or you simply need to discover who you are, Veronique will help you get there.


April Price,

Life Coach

If you are feeling stuck about your niche and spinning in confusion, you need to borrow Veronique’s amazing brain.  No one distills and assimilates your interests and passions with your coaching superpowers to find your ideal niche like she does.  Not only will Veronique help you get the perfect niche, she’ll coach you through all the fear and shame and anxiety that is really in your way—so that you can start making offers, making money, and best of all, making life better for your clients.”


Kati Rehm, 

Life Coach

Veronique immediately cued into the "root" of my confusion about my niche. Self-Confidence! She started asking me questions that helped me think about my qualifications and experience in a new way - in a way that helps me see that I AM THE PERFECT person to coach overwhelmed moms. She's laser-focused, which is absolutely essential when you are someone stuck in "niche drama" because OVERWHELM becomes your key experience.

What are my Amazing clients saying ?

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