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End Niche Drama,

Create Clarity, 

Find Your Perfect Niche 

I know what it is like to spin in circles, chasing your tail, trying to decide on a Niche.

To do Niche research, choose a Niche and then have  your brain spin in indecision and self doubt. So sign up for classes, buy books and  listen to podcasts, always in search of the answer.


To feel completely frozen because you want a clear Niche, and can't move forward without it. 

To go from feeling certain you have picked the right niche, just to come back a day later and wonder what on earth was I thinking. This will NEVER, EVER WORK! 

And then, to feel so discouraged you just want to go throw in the towel and go take a nap. 


Overcoming Niche Drama isn't something most Life Coach Programs teach. 


You didn't learn how: 

  • To manage your brain when it gets stuck in fear, overwhelm and confusion, and what is really going on when that happens (hint --- your brain is programmed to do this). 

  • To embrace what your brain is doing and use MY strategies to get you to a place of clarity when this occurs.

  • To allow and then move from a confusion to clarity, so your brain will provide the answers, especially as related to you Niche. 

  • To approach your Niche from a place of curiosity and excitement rather than from worrying about doing it wrong.  

  • To have patience and  kindness for yourself rather than shaming yourself.

  • To decide ahead of time, and believe in the choices you make. 


What if replacing Niche Drama with Niche Clarity


This is what my program is all about.

Finding your Niche can be a rewarding and fun filled process (I know it hasn't felt that way so far). When you work on allowing the unpleasant feelings rather than pushing them away, clarity is on the other side. Passively consuming more information is not how you will get there.  Being curious, asking and answering your own questions from and being in patient inquiry will get you there. 

 Because all the knowledge and all the information does nothing if you are not doing your own work.
Some people can put their gift out into the world with just the knowledge gained through courses and certifications.
But most can’t.
Most need someone by their side to get over the bullshit lies in their head.

There’s nothing wrong with you.
You are not broken.

You are human. You’re just not wired to be 100% sure you can do something you’ve not yet done.

Confidence Coaching is what will help you get there.


Sharon Kennedy,

Life Coach

When I first reached out to Veronique,  I was spinning in niche drama and feeling stuck in terms of my coaching ability. I really needed someone to drill down into my issues and show me that MY BRAIN was creating all my confusion.
Veronique was the perfect coach for me! She had an amazing ability to get to the heart of my issues and to uncover the reasons why I was stuck and spinning. With a natural kindness and passion for coaching, she helped me focus in on a niche that I am now loving to serve! I’m amazed.
  I highly recommend working with Veronique if you want to get dialed in to a niche you live and start moving forward in your business.
She’s the real deal!


Molly Zemek,

Weight Loss Coach

Veronique's coaching has clarified so much for me. She showed me how my limiting beliefs were keeping me stuck in a cycle of confusion and indecision.


I always felt so supported and understood by Veronique, and amazed by her ability to uncover the real problem. She helped me learn how to manage my mind. This made it really obvious what niche I should choose for my business, and how to be strategic in my marketing.


I am grateful I had Veronique's help so that I could get out of my own way, and start making traction with my goals.   

Female Headshot B&W

Caroline Reese

Life Coach

Veronique's Program is what got me unstuck and helped my business get to the next level. She has spent close to 25 years diving in and getting to know people's brains.  She  knows all the ins and outs of Niche Drama, having overcame it herself. She has been a coach for 8 years through MBInc and  trained and certified a second time through The Life Coach School.  You couldn't be in better hands as she is an expert in everything you need to find your Perfect Niche.

What are my Coaching Clients saying?  

I understand: 

You ALREADY paid to get certified. You have paid for other programs. You don't want to pay even more.

The idea of spending more money worries you because you still haven't seen a return on your the investments that you have already made. 


It's hard seeing classmates creating incredible businesses while you sit on the sidelines. You might wonder "is my brain is broken, why can't I just get going?"


There is nothing wrong with your brain. 

It's just you need some guidance and the right tools to get your Niche dialed in, stop the Niche Drama, and move forward. 

Having me by your side for 6 weeks, will help you FINALLY get the clarity you need. 


Your Niche is the foundation of your business. 

Without it there is no moving forward. 

I will help you find your Niche and create YOUR coaching business, with clients that are perfect for YOU. 


Nothing wrong with your Brain.

I promise, I have been right where you are now. 

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