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...As featured on...

The Life Coach School Podcast,

with Brooke Castillo

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I have worked with Brooke Castillo since 2015, and have always DREAMED of being on her podcast. It's been on my bucket list for many years.

Be careful what you wish for.
The Latest episode of Life Coach School Podcast: #339- titled- "Therapy" that was just released.  

And guess who is going to be on it- ME!
It's a discussion about the differences between Life Coaching and Therapy. I am super excited and honored to be featured on Brooke's podcast.
Please go and take a listen.  

Brooke calls me .... wait for it... A Niche Expert!!!!! 
(I am glad its a podcast, because I literally almost fell out of my chair and puked in the same instant! )  
If you want help with your Niche (if you are life coach or Entrepreneur) click right here to get some help.
Thanks for listening! 
See this hilarious shot of all of us below.What are the chances that these 6 amazing and powerful women would all look ridiculous at the same time? It's Kismet. We couldn't have coordinated it if we tried. And the best part - DESPITE THE LOOKS ON OUR FACES - the call was so much fun. 
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