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Coaching and ADHD with Paula Engebretson

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Have you ever wondered what to do if you have so many different ideas and passions that you’re not sure how to get started choosing a niche?

My guest, Paula Engebretson, can relate. And she just might be able to help you find more focus, too.

Paula is a Certified Life Coach and productivity fanatic. She helps fellow ADHDers take action, finish what they start, and work with their brains to create the life they want.

And as with many coaches, her niche stemmed from her own experiences and challenges.

She started out with a PhD in musicology, studying the history of music (which sounds pretty cool).

But she struggled with staying focused as a result of yet-undiagnosed ADHD.

While searching for time management strategies and other tools to help herself, she discovered life coaching.

At the same time, as a professor, Paula saw elements of herself in some of her ADHD students and was diagnosed at the age of 31.

So, how did she go from a new diagnosis to coaching others with ADHD?

In this episode, Paula tells us all about how she started using blogging (and later a podcast) as a creative outlet, sharing time management, productivity and focus solutions that had worked for her…even before she realized ADHD was a part of the picture.

Not surprisingly, many of the clients who came to her for this sort of help happened to have ADHD diagnoses, as well.

So, her messaging evolved to fit her people. And a niche was born.

There is so much goodness in this conversation, and I think everyone will relate to something here.

We dive into:

  • How ADHD presents differently in different genders and age groups, as well as differences between individuals.

  • Some of the common challenges for people with ADHD.

  • The concept of “scaffolding” yourself with skills and support to help hold you up in the areas where you struggle.

  • And why Paula thinks ADHD is more prevalent among entrepreneurs than in the corporate world.

Listen in to hear it all!

Featured in this episode:

Learn strategies and concepts to thrive with your distractible brain on the I'm Busy Being Awesome Podcast

Connect with Paula on Instagram or Facebook @imbusybeingawesome

Learn more about 1:1 and group coaching with Paula on her website

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