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Finding Your Own Path with Lisa Salisbury

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Have you ever wondered how you can turn your own struggle and passion into a successful coaching business that you love?

In this episode, I’m speaking with Lisa Salisbury of Well With Lisa. She is a health and weight loss coach for women who have obsessively dieted in the past.

The women she works with often feel lost when it comes to losing weight unless they have an app, book, or detailed process to follow. Lisa helps them lose weight by checking in with themselves rather than an app.

As is often the case with amazing coaching niches, Lisa’s own journey has led to her niche.

I often refer to this as “The Path,” in which you look back on your past experiences to determine who you can best serve now.

She coaches on the thing that was a struggle for her and that she overcame herself.

Lisa was a “chronic dieter” in her past and even got her friends to join in whatever diet or weight loss trend she was following at the time.

She tried a lot of things that didn’t work for her and eventually realized that she was really obsessing over tracking, going so far as to stand in front of the fridge eating at night to get her macros in (even though she wasn’t hungry) and weighing her food at the dinner table.

She knew that things weren’t right and she needed to take a step back.

An obsession with dieting and healthy eating is accepted within our culture, but it takes such a mental toll. Lisa knew that there were a lot of other women struggling in the same way that she did.

What she learned through coaching, and the way she helps her clients now, is that weight loss and wellness aren’t all about the numbers. Your thoughts and feelings about food play a huge role, as well.

Lisa and I talk quite a bit about The Model in this episode, developed by Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School, because it really can apply to any situation, including weight loss.

In fact, one of Lisa’s favorite exercises is plugging her client’s scale weight as a circumstance. A numerical fact. “I’m too heavy” is not a circumstance; it’s a thought. This tends to open up a whole new conversation and take away the drama of weighing themselves.

Lisa’s clients track their food through simple journaling, and they also dive deeper into the thoughts behind challenges like why they’re eating when they aren’t even hungry.

The end result? Women come through the program thinking about food less - less emotional desire for food and less obsessing - and still lose weight!

Check out the full podcast episode to hear more of Lisa’s story and her advice for coaches who are still choosing a niche.

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