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Letting Intuition Lead with Suzanne and Kacey

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I’m really excited to have Suzanne Dayton and Kacey Hayes of LevelUp Co. on this episode of the podcast.

These are the women who support me in having a productive, beautiful business. Basically, Suzanne and Kacey handle all of the back-end details that I don’t want to, and they’re amazing at it!

So, I invited them here today to talk about their own niche journey: How they started out individually and how they met, started collaborating and have now created this fantastic business together.

They are marketing experts and executive virtual assistants who amplify the voice of coaches and help them save time, increase productivity and grow.

We work together every day, but it was so fun to sit down and actually hear the story of how their business and their niche came to be.

Hearing where they started and where they are now, there are some common themes.

Both women reached out for mentorship and support early in their businesses, and they credit this with being able to move forward more quickly than they could have if they’d waited to get the support later on.

They’re also sharing what they think the other’s superpowers are and what they each bring to the table that makes the partnership work so well.

This idea of complementing strengths is so powerful and is one you can use whether you work solo or as part of a team.

When they share their advice to other entrepreneurs who are figuring out their niche? I was only a little surprised to hear them give the same answer.

In fact, it’s a concept that comes up for a lot of my clients, too.

And of course, we get into the brain drama that appears in various stages of business.

Suzanne and Kacey say that one of the best things about working in partnership and with a team is that they can support each other when that drama comes up. And they’re able to help their clients in this way, too.

There is so much goodness in this conversation. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Featured in this episode:

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