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Finding Focus with Your Niche with Crystal Haitsma

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Have you ever wondered how someone stuck in really deep niche drama gets themselves unstuck and has a fabulous niche they love?

Crystal Haitsma, The Parenting Coach, is here telling us how she did just that.

Crystal is a Certified Life Coach and Canadian homeschooling mom of 4. She practices connection-based parenting and helps moms transform their parent-child relationships by focusing on themselves first.

She believes that moms often set the tone for the household, so when they the way they respond and connect, it trickles down through the whole family.

Powerful stuff!

But Crystal wasn’t always so sure about her niche.

In fact, she says that in her first year of business she did all the things they tell you NOT to do!

And a combination of niche drama and action taking tendencies meant she was taking lots of scattered action without any real direction.

Crystal learned about life coaching and immediately jumped into a certification with The Life Coach School.

She created a parenting course early on but didn’t feel ready to commit to a niche as a parent coach because she was still in the middle of her own transformation as a mom.

So, she created another course on business, then overeating, then a re-vamped business course, emotional intelligence for teens and tweens, launched a membership for moms…you get the idea.

After lots of coaching and narrowing down ALL the things, she was down to two - she loved both business and parent coaching and struggled to choose just one.

She was interested in so many different things and didn’t want to feel tied down or constrained.

She also knew that she was doing too much and to get the results she wanted, she needed focus and simplify her business.

It came down to one question…

What do I LOVE? What do I feel passionate about?

About a year ago, Crystal decided to go all in on parent coaching. No looking back.

Today, she still gets teary-eyed when she talks about what she does. She says, “It’s amazing that I get to do this. Being able to change lives and see the transformation is just the best.”

Listen in to hear more about Crystal’s niche journey, the amazing work she does with families and her advice to life coaches struggling with their niche.

Connect with Crystal:

Crystal offers limited 1:1 coaching as well as a monthly group program, By Design.

Connect with Veronique:

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