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Launch Strategist for Coaches

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Have you ever wondered how you can launch once you have a really good niche dialed?

Well, in this episode I have a very special guest for you.

TaVona Denise is a Launch Strategist for Coaches and a Master Certified Coach through Life Coach School.

She helps coaches with successful 1:1 practices to sell, fill and deliver group coaching programs.

We’re talking about all things niche, niche drama and launches.

TaVona says that figuring out her perfect niche was “a windy road.”

She had a few businesses of her own before becoming a Certified Life Coach in 2014. She found herself coaching friends and colleagues on burnout resilience and, ultimately, how to start their own businesses so they could be the ones calling the shots.

But she knew there was something else there that she just wasn’t seeing.

During a VIP weekend with her coach, TaVona’s perfect niche was revealed!

It turns out that TaVona’s perfect niche was something she’d been doing all along. Something that came naturally to her.

It was what came easy to her, but it wasn’t obvious. She needed someone else to point it out to her.

TaVona says, “It was almost like the skies opened up and harps started playing. This is it! It can house all my interests while still being very specific.”

It took one conversation to bring it to the surface.

At first, she was riding the excitement and felt so certain of her choice and what to do next...

...then the Niche drama came in.

TaVona knew how to launch a successful program, but could she guide someone else through her process?

Join us as TaVona shares her experience and lessons learned from her own niche drama.

She reminds us that it’s ok to be a beginner, that you don’t have to be perfect to succeed and shares her advice to coaches who are trying to decide on their niche.

Take a listen!

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Why the drama never really ends

  • How to hear your “soul YES” and let it guide your choices

  • The power of letting data (not drama) drive your business

  • A simple tool to help yourself calm down and quiet the fear

Featured in this Episode:

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