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Making Money with a Sandwich Niche

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Have you ever wondered how you can turn your personal experiences and trials and tribulations into a coaching business?

That is exactly what my guest, Meredith Gardner did.

Meredith is known as the Sandwich Generation Coach.

In case you aren’t familiar, the sandwich generation refers to people who are taking care of their kids and are also in a caretaker role for their adult parents.

She helps these caregivers to stop hating the hard parts of caretaking and increase their capacity to cope with the job in a way that’s beautiful and that really connects them with their loved ones.

Our brains like predictability and certainty, and caregiving is anything but. It often brings a dreary outlook and a heaviness that can be hard to shake.

But when caregivers can make the shift from obligation and resentment to a place of “I get to do these things, I choose to do these things, I want to do these things,” so much can change.

I often talk about how you sometimes need an outside perspective to show you your superpowers.

This was so true for Meredith. On a girls’ trip she mentioned (for the first time to anyone) that she was thinking of becoming a life coach. One of the other women in the car immediately suggested that she coach caregivers.

She calls it a huge lightbulb moment that took her breath away.

...and so her niche came to life.

In this episode, Meredith shares so much about the struggles her clients face, important mindset shifts that have the power to change everything, and her own brain drama around her niche and her offer.

Her brain even tried to tell her that caregivers weren’t going to pay for her help...when she herself had paid for a coach to help her through the same thing!

Ultimately, Meredith wants her clients (and you) to understand that...

We can do the hard parts.

You don’t have to love them, but know that you are capable of coping with hard things.

It is in those moments when we are open and raw that the real, deep connections and life lessons come through.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Meredith as much as I did.

Press play to listen now.

Featured in this episode:

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