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Niche in Weight Loss for Food-Lovers

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Have you ever wondered how a coach decides to become a weight loss coach?

And how do you stand out from all the other weight loss experts out there?

On this episode of the podcast, Molly Zemek is here telling us all about how she chose her niche and developed her own unique style of weight loss coaching.

Molly provides tactical advice for food and wine lovers who want to lose weight and stop overeating without counting calories or over-exercising.

She’s a former executive chef and sommelier who lost 30 pounds by simply changing her mindset around food and wine.

Now, she uses her own transformation and experience as a coaching client to help others get the same results.

There are a few things that really stand out about Molly’s story.

First, she chose to question the norm.

A lot of the weight-loss messaging out there tells people that they’ve got to make food boring. That they need to get to a place where food isn’t interesting or a focus for them anymore.

As a self-proclaimed food-lover, this approach wasn’t working for Molly. She was afraid that she loved food too much to be able to lose weight.

She thought maybe it could be possible to apply weight loss tools and not give up her love of food.

And guess what?

She figured out how to do it and created an approach that worked for her.

Another part of Molly’s story that really stood out to me was the trust she had in herself and her own intuition.

Like all of us, she experienced some doubts about whether people wanted to hear what she had to say.

But she decided to trust her instincts and just give it a try. She committed to going all in on her idea for one year.

Once she recognized that the story of her transformation could help others, she identified a population based on her past work as a personal chef - male executives.

Over time, though, she found that a much broader range of people were attracted to her message. Her population then became food and wine lovers.

She narrowed down her population and niche through ACTION.

She didn’t wait to have the “perfect” idea and plan.

Because the more you practice with your marketing and coaching, the more clarity you get around your niche.

There is so much goodness for you in this episode. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Listen now.

You’ll Learn:

  • How your intuition can be even more powerful than your doubts

  • Similarities between niche drama, weight loss drama and pretty much all other types of drama out there

  • Molly’s advice for coaches who are searching for their perfect niche

Mentioned in this Episode:

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