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Niche Slapping

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Niche Slapping is a term that gets "loving" thrown around in Life Coaching Circles when someone is stuck in Niche Drama, and other coaches around them want them to get clear on their Niche and stop spinning. I know that I've used it, my mentor Brooke Castillo uses it, and lots of coaches use it.

I take no objection to the term. But, the other day I was thinking about how we can be impatient with ourselves when we are stuck, or not feeling well, or struggling with something. We talk to ourselves rudely, we judge, say mean things to ourselves, we can really be unkind. We bully ourselves and say things to ourselves that we would NEVER dream of saying to anyone else, not even our worse enemies.

For many years, I have done that to myself regarding not being able to choose a Niche, and that many coaches stuck in Niche Drama likely do the same.

The problem? When we judge ourselves about something we are struggling with, and lack compassion for ourselves, we are actually making it HARDER to move forward. Then we have to deal with what we are struggling with, as well as the shame we are heaping on ourselves for being stuck.

It's basically like punching yourself in the face when you've fallen down and are trying to get back up. You're actually making it HARDER ton yourself, not easier.

Listen to today's episode where I talk about why you should stop judging yourself when it comes to your Niche and how to to stop.

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