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Turning Your Passion to Profit with Kelly Schaefer

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Have you ever been curious about how you can take something that is a passion to you and turn it into a life coaching business where you train other entrepreneurs?

On this episode, my good friend and colleague, Kelly Schaefer, is here talking about how she chose her niche and how niche drama impacts her own students.

Kelly is the founder of The Concierge Academy, bestselling author of “The Concierge Life” and (you guessed it) a life coach.

She helps people who love to take care of others build profitable businesses running errands for other people in their communities.

She’s also a perfect example of using clues from your past and turning what comes naturally to you into a profitable (even a million-dollar) business.

After 21 years working as a nurse, Kelly left her job and started a local concierge business.

She was afraid that all she knew how to do was take care of people, but she found a whole new way to do just that.

Our history leaves breadcrumbs leading toward our niche. It turned out that Kelly’s ability and passion for caring for people was still valuable, even outside of the healthcare industry.

After building a successful concierge business with several employees, people began seeking her out to ask for help with starting up businesses and finding clients of their own. What started as a little coaching on the side has become The Concierge Academy.

For Kelly, life coaching came in as a sort of add-on to the teaching she was already doing.

She knew that she was capable of more than what she had already created. She also noticed that her students with better mindsets had more success, followed through on her teaching and made more money.

Life coaching and mindset work became a key ingredient to her secret sauce.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that one of the biggest challenges Kelly’s students face is choosing a niche.

And she knows first-hand how important this step is, because she started out trying to network and market herself to THREE different groups - busy people, moms and seniors.

As you can probably guess, this led to exhaustion and burnout.

Kelly’s advice?

Pick a niche and go all in. You’ll focus your marketing efforts, energy and dollars rather than dividing it into separate buckets.

She says her niche has allowed her to have a vibrant YouTube channel, write a book, create courses, coaching programs, starter kits, events, you name it. And she wouldn't have been able to do all those things if she was trying to target 3 different audiences at once.

I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation. I couldn’t have scripted it better if I tried!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How your natural abilities and passions can translate into a business

  • Why being more specific in your niche actually makes it easier to find clients

  • Why more options isn’t always better

Featured in this Episode:

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