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Unhelpful Niche Thinking

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Could your thoughts be impacting your ability to not only choose a niche but be productive in your business?

In this episode of The Profitable Niche Podcast, we’re talking about how your thinking can either make things easier or a lot harder for you.

As we enter the busy holiday season, it’s the perfect time to look at how we think about these times, what we say to ourselves and if these things are useful.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking...

There’s no way I can get all of this done.

Something’s going to be forgotten.

I’m gonna screw it up.

I just don’t know where to start.

These thoughts are not serving you.

If anything, they make you feel even more anxious and stressed.

And before you know it, you’re running around trying to do it all rather than focusing on what you really have to do.

I see this play out all the time in people who are trying to choose a niche.

They tell themselves…

I don’t know where to start.

I don’t know how to pick a niche.

I’ll never figure it out.

This is impossible.

We ALL have garbage thoughts like these sometimes.

But if we buy into them it creates a feedback loop, and we end up spinning instead of planning and taking the actions we need to take.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You tell yourself you don’t know where to start. So you do nothing.

You tell yourself it will never work. So it doesn’t.

In this episode, I’m giving you two simple but powerful strategies to shift your thoughts, take intentional action and get it done!

It’s the same process I use with my clients and it helps you get to a place where your thoughts are no longer holding you back from making progress toward your goals.

And if you’ve been struggling with these unhelpful thoughts when it comes to your niche, give yourself the gift of clarity this holiday season. You can start the new year with a niche you love.

I’m even giving you 50% off my signature program all through the month of December.

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